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ozello is a five-piece queercore band of punks from Atlanta that formed in an attic in late 2016 with just two members. after growing to its current roster of five, ozello started playing shows across north Georgia.

ozello gets their name from frontman Jeofry Wages's late grandmother, whose home was off Ozello Street. All but a couple of ozello's songs are fully written by Jeofry, so ozello's sound and identity is centered around their experiences as a depressed queer person growing up in rural Georgia. they write from the heart and dive deep into their personal traumas and life experiences to pull out the "sad gay yelling" that ozello is known for.

ozello is a made up of a hodgepodge of sounds and inspirations from many genres, from bluegrass to emo to dark folk to indie rock, so they prefer the term queercore when describing their music.

ozello is releasing their first full-length album with Say-10 Records in early 2022.


photos by

jessie goodson


live videos

band info

home city: atlanta, georgia


  • jeofry wages (vocals, guitar)

  • garam ri (guitar, violin)

  • laura spears (vocals, trumpet)

  • michael burkhardt (drums)

  • chris robinson (bass)


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jessie goodson, band manager


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